北海道家庭医療学センター 学術支援センター


北海道家庭医療学センター(The Hokkaido Centre For Family Medicine)は、良質な家庭医療の実践、良質な家庭医の養成、家庭医療への発展への貢献という、3つのミッションを掲げる北海道の医療法人グループです。

HCFM のミッションの一つ「家庭医療の発展への貢献」を達成するには、現場からのアカデミアモデルの発信は不可欠です。


The Hokkaido Centre For Family Medicine is a Hokkaido medical corporation group with three missions: to practice quality family medicine, to train quality family physicians, and to contribute to the development of family medicine, The Hokkaido Centre For Family Medicine is a group of medical corporations in Hokkaido with three missions.

In order to achieve one of the missions of the HCFM, "to contribute to the development of family medicine," it is essential to disseminate the academic model from our practical fields. The Academic and Research Centre was established in April 2021 on the basis of the former Academic Committee. It is staffed by physicians who have published many papers and research results, provides research support for residents and staffs (support for writing papers and presenting research), creates an environment conducive to research (development of a system integrating electronic medical records and databases, etc.), and fosters research momentum throughout the organization (holding research meetings, etc.).



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General Manager Message

We believe that one of the reasons for conducting clinical research is to disseminate the knowledge of family medicine that we have accumulated through our practice and education. Therefore, the topics we take up are also often about the practice we provide on a daily basis rather than the discovery of some new procedure or diagnostic method, and we attempt to clarify and academically organize the specialty and role of family medicine through data collection and interviews.・・・

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Major academic articles

Kusaba, Tesshu, Kotaro, Sato et al. "Influence of family dynamics on burden among family caregivers in aging Japan." Family practice 33.5 (2016): 466-470.


This is the first original paper published by HCFM, and it is a research question that incorporates the perspective of family-oriented primary care, which is one of the characteristics of family medicine, that the complexity of family relationships is related to the sense of burden of caregiving.


Kato K, Tomita M, Kato M, Goto T, Nishizono K. "Prospective cohort study on the incidence and risk factors of emergency home visits among Japanese home care patients. "J Gen Fam Med. 2021;22(6):334-340. Published 2021 May 24. doi:10.1002/jgf2.461

国内の先行研究では癌は往診発生の要因として有意なものではないという結果があったが、本研究では癌は往診発生を約5倍増大させる因子であることを明らかにした。政策的含意として、癌患者の在宅医療に医療資源が多く必要になるという結果を踏まえ、これを支援するための施策が必要であると考えられた。2021年 Journal of General and Family Medicine優秀論文賞受賞。

While previous studies in Japan found that cancer was not a significant factor in the occurrence of emergency home visits, this study found that cancer is a factor that increases the occurrence of home visits by approximately five times. The policy implication was that, given the findings that more healthcare resources are required for home care for cancer patients, measures to support this are needed. The paper was awarded the 2021 Outstanding Paper Award in the Journal of General and Family Medicine.


Miyachi, Junichiro, Koki Kato, and John Launer. "Video-stimulated storytelling integrating workplace-based learning and narrative medicine." Medical Education (2024).



Sato, Kotaro, Ryoko Michinobu, and Tesshu Kusaba. "Perceptions of family medicine among long-term patients of a family medicine clinic in Japan: a mixed-methods study." BMJ open 14.1 (2024): e079726.


This is the first mixed methods paper. Patient-perceived characteristics of family medicine were identified using mixed methods methodology. This study was made possible by HCFM's pioneering practice sites in family medicine.